Legal advice

Our experienced lawyers are happy to support you in the areas of commercial and company law, as well as tax law. We will advise you on the formation and transformation of partnerships or corporations, when purchasing a business or when acquiring interest. We will of course also support you during the process of company succession.

Benefits to you

We provide legal advice that is specifically tailored to our other fields of expertise. This includes advice in commercial and company law, inheritance law and tax law. Thanks to the collaboration of lawyers, certified public accountants and tax consultants in one team, we are able to coordinate fiscal, corporate or inheritance factors.

As a result of this interprofessional cooperation, we can provide tailored and comprehensive solutions for your legal matters. You will receive advice from one source. We understand your perspective as an entrepreneur and can provide pragmatic and solution-oriented advice.

In terms of legal advice, we mainly deal with out-of-court proceedings, however we will also represent you in legal proceedings in tax matters up to the German Federal Fiscal Court, if necessary, and actions in commercial and economic cases. 

Our range of services

  • Commercial and corporate law
  • Tax law (structural advice and redress proceedings/legal proceedings)
  • Transformation law/restructuring
  • M&A (mergers & acquisitions)/business acquisition
  • Succession law
  • Matrimonial law
  • law regarding fiscal offences