We demand high qualitative standards in regard to our work. As professionals we place a lot of value on individuality. We combine both with an atmosphere that is personal and shaped by the region, near to the dutch border.

We stand behind our ambition

We believe that high-quality, expert consultancy services are a necessary prerequisite for successful cooperation. We know what we are talking about. A high level of expertise forms the basis of our work.

This approach manifests itself in many ways. Our international cooperations, participation in the peer review of certified public accountants, DIN-ISO certification, our regular external and internal training courses and our reference to professional media and literature are external signs of how we put our ambitions into practice in our work.

Professionals are also avowed individualists. It was a conscious and deliberate choice that our partners have different personalities. As we maintain personal contact with our clients, each of our clients will find the partner who suits their personality best. This is important to us.

We provide all these services in an environment that is shaped by the region. Our partners and almost all of our employees have a connection to the Emsland area and the county of Grafschaft Bentheim, and Northern Münsterland. However, many of them, have been working abroad during their career to have a comprehensive and also international point of position. We work with you in a trusted, regional atmosphere and combine this with individual advice at the highest professional level. To us, this belongs together.

Benefits to you

You can rely on us to provide a professional and qualitatively high level of expertise in our work. We are bound to this claim.

You can search for the consultant who suits you the best on a personal level from the different partners we have available. This partner will support you over the long term and will be available as your contact partner.

We can “speak your language” in trusted, local surroundings. You have easy access to us, as we have to you.